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Engineered Plastic Parts
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Most of the parts we supply are produced using a mold-sharing concept. We also run dedicated molds when the mold-sharing concept is not applicable.

We offer a variety of resins including (but not limited to) Unfilled Nylon 6/6, Glass Filled Nylon, High Temperature Nylon, Liquid Crystal Polymer, Rynite, and Ryton R-4. In addition, we offer a new 155-C Rated Glass Filled Nylon with a complete UL Electrical Insulation Systems listing.

We have the capability to insert pins or stamped terminals into molded parts.




We offer a quick turnaround option for the prototyping of plastic parts produced with the latest laser technology. Though SLA technology has been in use for years, we offer plastic resins that are much more durable than those previously offered.

We also have a new SLS technology that will create parts in filled and unfilled nylon. The SLS nylon resin provides heat resistance similar to traditionally molded nylon resins.